Lunch Special

Pannbiff Smörrebröd, an open sandwich with a quarter pounder meat patty on home baked bread, topped with an fried egg and roasted onion. Served with a house salad.

Available until August 24th.


4 years of Hemlagat in Seoul

August 5th was our 4 years anniversary.

We want to thank all our customers, friends, associates, and family for all the support.

We are looking forward to serve you all traditional Swedish food like marinated herrings, Swedish meatballs, elk and many other classic Swedish dishes.


4 years

New Lunch Special


RÄKMACKA       뤠크마카                              10

  Scandinavian open sandwich prawn and boiled egg on a home baked oat bread.  Served with ricotta salad. 

새우와 삶은 계란이 들어간 직접 구운 귀리빵으로 만든 북유럽식 오픈 샌드위치. 리코타 샐러드와 함께 제공됩니다.

With Soup and Coffee/Tea                         16           

스프와 음료 포함


Lunch special !

New lunch special !
스투바드 스페나트 메드 코브
Spinach stew with sausage . Served with rice.
소시지가 들어간 시금치 크림 스튜와 밥.
With Soup and Coffee/Tea 16
스프와 음료 포함
With Soup and Coffee/Tea 16
스프와 음료 포함

Lunch Special

Our salmon fried rice is back !

Stekt Ris med Lax                 10


Salmon and dill fried rice with egg. Served with Swedish style pressed gherkin

연어와  계란, 딜이 들어간  스웨덴 식 볶음밥

With Soup and Coffee/Tea                             16

스프와 음료 포함


Lunch Special

Pastasallad med Lax & Bläckfisk                    10

  (Pasta salad with smoked salmon & squid )

   연어 와 오징어  파스타 샐러드

Pasta salad with smoked salmon and squid in a parsley flavored mayonnaise dressing

훈제 연어와 오징어가 들어간 파슬리 향의 파스타 샐러드.

With Soup and Coffee/Tea                         16           

스프와 음료 포함