Brunch Seoul

Lunch Special from Aug 27th

Senapskyckling  (Mustard Chicken )              10

세납쉬클링  芥末鸡块烩饭

Oven roasted chicken in a mustard cream sauce with shiitake mushrooms and flavoured with chives & parsley.

Served with rice and pickled gherkin.

오븐 로스트 된 치킨과 버섯, 양파가 들어간 머스타드 향의 크림 스튜 덥밥

With Soup and Coffee/Tea                           16

스프와 음료 포함


We are open again !

From Friday, June 8th we are open again.

Our lunch special will be a Pannbiff Smörrebröd.
Its a quarter pounder meat patty on home baked bread, covered with a fried egg and roasted onion, served with our house salad on the side. The big menu comes with house soup and coffee or Swedish herbal tea.
10 KRW / 16 KRW