Lunch Special

From today our lunch special is fried rice with salmon, served with rice, a fried egg and our home made pickled gherkins. Available mon-fri.


Lunch Special

From today we have stewed spinach with smoked pork belly in our lunch menu. Available Monday-Friday.

Happy Midsummer !

Glad Midsommar !!!

Happy Midsummer !!!

June 22nd we have an event here so we won’t be open for dinner service.

We still have a little extra Matjessill and dill boiled potato available for tonight and tomorrow’s brunch but only for pre booking due to limited availability.

No dinner service until June 3rd

Between May 22nd and June1st we will ONLY be open for lunch, no dinner service available. From June 3rd we will be back for both dinner and lunch again.

This is the lunch menu we will have until June 1st.

TEMPORARY BRUNCH SET (May 22nd to June 1st )


Soup of the Month 이달의 수프


Sillamacka 씰라마카 16

Swedish style herring sandwich with fried and marinated herring on a home baked dark bread. Served with a dill & mustard dressing and fried potato wedges.

튀겨서 초절임 한 청어를 달콤한 딜 향의 머스타드 소스와 함께 직접 구운 다크브레드 위에 얹은 스웨덴식 청어샌드위치와 웨지감자튀김.

Lax Smörrebröd och Sallad 락스 스뭐레브러드 17

Scandinavian open sandwich with smoked salmon on a slice of home baked oat bread. Served with our house salad. 직접 구운 귀리빵으로 만든 스칸디나비안 스타일의 훈제 연어 오픈 샌드위치와 리코타 샐러드.

Kålpudding med Ris & Brunsås 코올푸딩 메드 리스 17

Oven baked cabbage and pork. Served with rice and gravy

양배추와 고기를 오븐에 구운 요리로 밥과 브라운 그레이비와 함께 제공

KORV Forsell 코브 포셀 16

Fried sausage in a dill and tomato sauce . Served with rice and pickled gherkins.

러시아 전통 요리인 스트로가노프의 스웨덴 식 변형으로 딜이 들어간 소시지 토마토 크림소스와 밥

Avsmakningsmeny med Sill & Skagensallad 20

어브스먹닝스 메뉘 메드 씰 오크 스카겐살라드

Swedish seafood cold platter with 3 kinds of marinated herring and a seafood salad. Served with 2 types of home baked bread and a boiled egg.

스웨덴의 차가운 해산물 샘플러로 세가지로 각각 절인 청어와 스카겐 해산물 믹스, 그리고 직접 구운 귀리빵과 다크브레드, 삶은 계란.


Choice of Drink and Swedish Meringue(Maräng)

선택 음료(아래)와 스웨디쉬 머랭

Kaffe Swedish coffee

Espresso / Americano / Latte

Örtte Swedish caffeine free herbal tea

Lavender, Mint & Passion fruit 부드러운 민트와 라벤더 향

Rosehip & Hibiscus 비타민 C가 많은 로즈힙과 히비스커스

Te Black tea (Earl Grey 얼그레이)