Lunch special

Our lunch special is oven baked chicken in a mustard cream stew with onion and mushrooms.
Served with rice and home made pickled gherkins.

Mustard chicken

Lunch Special

Our lunch special Mon-Fri is a spinach stew with pork belly, served with rice and pickled red onion.

spinach new photo


안녕하세요 스웨덴 가정식 헴라갓입니다. 저희는 2월 2일 토요일부터 2월 6일 수요일까지 휴무입니다. 즐거운 설날 명절과 행복한 새해 되세요!

Due to the Lunar New Year we will be closed for a few days. We will open again Feb 7th.

We wish you all very happy Seollal  !

Open again !

We are back from the Holidays and open again, as always, reservations are recommended since we are a small place.

Our lunch special is fried rice with smoked ham, flavoured with south Swedish style mustard, served with a fried egg and home made pickled gherkins.


Swedish Christmas Dinner

Swedish Christmas Food at Hemlagat.
From Dec 1st to Dec 19th we will serve our Christmas Special, by reservation only. This menu is only available during our dinner service.

(Swedish Christmas Platter 스웨덴식 크리스마스 디너)

Glögg, Swedish mulled wine, 따뜻한 와인칵테일
Snaps, Christmas special herb schnapps,크리스마스 특선 허브 스납스

Tomatinlagd makrill :
Tomato marinated mackerel with boiled egg 토마토 소스로 초절임된 튀긴 고등어
Inlagd sill
3 Kinds of marinated herring 세가지 종류의 절인 청어
Skagenröra på rostat bröd, shrimp and dill mix on a toast
귀리빵 토스트에 얹은 새우와 딜 크림믹스
Gubbröra, Swedish anchovy and caviar mix on a dark bread
다크브레드에 얹은 스웨덴 앤쵸비와 캐비어 믹스
Scandinavian version of cured salmon 북유럽식 소금과 허브에 절인 연어
pickled beatroot and herring salad 청어와 비트 피클로 만든 샐러드
Grovt bröd & kokt ägg
dark bread and boiled egg 다크브레드와 삶은 계란

Julskinka med hemlagad senap,
Christmas ham with home made mustard, 크리스마스햄과 수제 머스타드
Janssons Frestelse
Anchovies flavored potato gratin 앤초비가 든 스웨덴 전통 감자 그라탕
Köttbullar, meatballs, 미트볼
Brunkål, brown cabbage, 브라운 캐비지
Skånska revben, pork rib, 돼지갈비
Blini med älgskav mini pancake with elk 미니퍁팬케이크 와 엘크사슴고기

Risgrynsgröt, rice porridge with cinnamon 크리스마스 라이스 푸딩
Kaffe och pepparkaka, coffee and gingerbread cookie,
커피와 크리스마스 쿠키

PRICE: 70,000 won /person (60,000 won without alcohol)

We are open again !

We are back and open again.

Since the weather is getting cold, as our lunch special we have a warming cabbage stew with porkbelly and bacon, flavoured with horseradish and served with rice and home pickled gherkins.

Set menu comes with a tomato and paprika cream soup and coffee or Swedish herbal tea plus a chocolate merrengue.